Harry's Cafe, Sacramento

2009/09/12 11:12:55
Harry's is a tiny, 6 table place at the corner of 16th and U St, right off I-80, 50, 99, 160 - you name it.  "Harry" is a Vietnamese immigrant and the cafe serves an interesting fusion of Asian food and American breakfast.  The more traditional Asian food is virtually greaseless and made with fresh white meat chicken and other quality stuff.  Try the huge plate of fried rice with fresh veggies; even the peas and carrots are fresh - mixed with your choice of ham, bacon, pork, sausage, etc and topped with eggs any style.  Sounds odd, but it's quite yummy.  Harry is usually hanging around outside when it's slow but jumps up to greet everyone with a big smile and escort them inside and get them situated.  He and his beautiful wife are truly two of the nicest people I've ever met.  2026 16th St, Sacramento. 
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