Homemade V8 juice

2009/09/16 17:30:45
Now's the time, I buy summer seconds, scald and peel, mash up, add College Inn Beef Broth, add Celety, Carrots, Onions Jalapenos to taste, simmer till carrots and celery are soft, fill up my Vita Mixer, liquify, strain, re simmer, salt, pepper to taste, maybe some Worcestershire, boil  the Mason jars, add the liquid Reboil the sealed jars top pops, lids and screw downs need to be boiled also. Enjoy all winter as V8, or add Cream for a spicy cream of tomato soup.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Homemade V8 juice 2009/09/22 18:26:19
Sounds good.