Clark's Dining Room Closing

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
2009/09/25 10:53:10
From the Columbus Dispatch:
"Clark’s Dining Room, a comfort-food destination in central Ohio for decades, will close later this fall.
 " 'It’s not real happy around here right now,' Tom Clark said of plans to shut his family’s 91-year-old restaurant, located at 6811 National Rd. in the Licking County community of Jacksontown.
"The restaurant that Clark’s grandmother Clara Clark started in an old stagecoach stop in 1918 will close for good Nov. 1."
Clark's is known for its fried chicken dinners, and they've been frying the chicken in nothing but cast iron skillets since day one. In all the years I've been driving past the place I never stopped once because I detest fried chicken. Now, however, I'll have to do it. I assume they must have something other than fried chicken for the three or four of us in the world who won't eat the stuff.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Clark's Dining Room Closing 2009/09/25 11:41:48
Thanks for posting this unfortunate news Michael.  The first time I went there was about a decade ago and I really enjoyed the place.  My visit last Summer was a disappointment, especially the pies.  Really nice people, though.  They do also have steak or ham, if you do decide to go.

It used to be there wasn't all that much else in the area, but the Columbus suburbs just keep creeping closer and closer.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Clark's Dining Room Closing 2009/09/25 11:58:34
I agree with Buffetbuster.  The first time I went several years ago it was great.  We went again in May and it was ok but not as good as I had remembered.  The chicken was still pretty good but the sides were just canned corn and canned green beans.  I can't remember if the mashed potatoes were real or not. 

It may have also suffered by comparison as we had just gotten back from an April trip to the South where we had some really good fried chicken dinners and this just didn't measure up.

I am sorry to see it close though.  I would have gone back and given it another shot for sure. 
Re:Clark's Dining Room Closing 2009/09/25 16:31:58
That is sad to hear, I have enjoyed eating there several times.  I havent been in recent times.

It is sad when places like that close after all those years.  It will be missed.