Hot Dog Tour !!!

Dog Boss
2009/09/27 16:56:02
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Jersey Hot Dog Tour 6th Edition !!! 2009/09/27 18:48:04
Dog Boss ,

We already have a thread on the Jersey Hot Dog Tour and would like to keep it all together .


Dog Boss
Re:Hot Dog Tour !!! 2009/11/12 16:12:26
i'm going to go on a tour, over the next couple of month's, i'm going to announce myself before entering these FINE  places, and let them be on there best peformance, and i'll post my findings and pictures and comments to the trip.
and let's see who really puts out a fine dog !!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon, i'll be ready as much as you should be..........................
i'm going to post  in fairness in advance (1 week here ) to see if any other doggers want to run with it. 
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