Boy, am I bummed

acoustic blues
2009/09/28 19:18:09
My wife and I will be in the southwest on a hot springs road trip and have been looking forward to a green chile burger at the Bobcat Bite. Just looked at their website and they are closed for fall break the week we will be in the area. arrrrgghh.
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Boy, am I bummed 2009/09/28 19:37:34
Heading south to San Antonio (NM)? They make a great one at the Owl Bar; and Bert's Burger Bowl in Santa Fe is darn good, too.
Re:Boy, am I bummed 2009/09/28 21:05:27
Just finished up a week at Pagosa Springs, CO and their many outdoor hot spring pools were a delight. What I found in southwest Colorado in three places I tried was a green chili burger that was open faced and liberally smothered with green chilis. Boss Hogg's in Pagosa Springs was the best of the lot.
acoustic blues
Re:Boy, am I bummed 2009/09/29 07:58:00
Yes Michael, we should be going through or be close enough to San Antonio NM.. Thanks for the suggestions from the Commander himself!

Davydd, thanks also. We'll check them out if make it over that way. We are starting out at the Orient Land Trust in the San Luis Valley and other than that are just 'winging it'.

Fire Safety Admin
Re:Boy, am I bummed 2009/09/29 08:15:15
Oh man, if this had happened to me, I would be seriously bummed, too.  Hopefully, you will be able to try the GCC at The Owl in San Antonio.  And if for some reason, they are closed, the one across the street at The Buckhorn is excellent, too.
Filet Mignon
Re:Boy, am I bummed 2009/09/29 09:24:54
Here you go... you can work your way through this list! Voting ends tomorrow. My fav is at the Owl.