Chinese food in New Bedford- A quick primer.

Junior Burger
2009/10/02 16:09:53
One does not usually associate Chinese food with New Bedford, but there  are some decent places. Here is a list.

1.) Golden Star Chinese Restaurant.

Overall, probably one of the best places in New Bedford for chinese food. Thing is, nobody outside of NB knows where it is, and that's what I think keeps it so good. They are located on Kings Highway, just off of Route 140.

2. Chucks China Inn.

While I've only been there once, from what I can remember it was quite good. here is the website:
Chucks China Inn

3.) Lucky Dragon.

Just up the street from Chuck's. It's ok.

4. China Lantern.

New Bedford's original Chinese place. It's been there for over 30 years. You will not be disappointed in the food here, very good.

These are just some of the places in New Bedford, there are more, but my time in that city was limited.
Re:Chinese food in New Bedford- A quick primer. 2009/10/03 11:01:19
gumbo house on rt 6 in  north dartmouth which is a few miles from new bedford is also very good.