Athens, GA

Rab Dalas
Junior Burger
2009/10/21 08:33:44
I've been told of a restaurant in Athens with a too-big-to-eat-it hamburger challenge. Can anyone confirm and point me in the right direction?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Athens, GA 2009/10/21 09:13:28
The only one I know of in Athens is:
Brett's Casual American - Website
3190 Atlanta Highway, Athens, GA 30606
Phone: (706) 850-1395

They have "The Beast" which is a 3 lb burger and apparently is free if finished in under 2 hours...but I'd call to confirm that. If you attempt it be sure to take pictures and report back how you did.
Re:Athens, GA 2009/10/23 18:44:59
Yeah, thats where it is. Can't think of another around here. There used to be a place called Herbies in downtown Athens. They had "the big mother",half pound meat,mushrooms,suateed onions, chili,lettuce, tomato, melted cheese, bacon, and I'm sure there are some toppings I can't think of.
Rab Dalas
Junior Burger
Re:Athens, GA 2009/10/26 00:30:44
Okay, that looks good, but it's not the place I saw advertised.

I finally called a couple "hip" places in Athens to try to find the nam of the free magazines available in Athens. Then searched for them online and finally found...The Athens Blur. Read through a couple back-issues on line and found the ad I'd seen. 
It's the Burger & Cheesesteak Factory on Prince next to the Grit. They don't have a website(!) but the reviews I found were either great or horrible. Seems to be no middle ground on this one.
anyway, the ad said they had a 64-oz. burger challenge but it said it was their quarterly eating challenge and, as this was a couple months ago, I don't know if that's current.

I hope to be in Athens in a couple weeks amd, if I make it, I'll get photos.

Of course, now I want to try Brett's too.

Thanks for the tip.