HELLER'S BAKERY -- 86'd in DC...

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/12/31 10:20:12
Anyone know what happened to Heller's Bakery in NW, Washington, DC ?? It was located at @ 45th Street & Wisconsin Avenue. I drove by it this morning and it was...POOF !!...gone.

Without question, Heller's had its glory days many years ago. In its heyday, it reminded me of the long-extinct Vienna Bakery on Maple Avenue in nearby Vienna, VA with its lavish and hand-made wedding cakes, et. al. Yes, we still have that wonderful bakery in also nearby Silver Spring, MD (on Woodmont Avenue...name?) but it's always sad to see the independent operators go.

RE: HELLER'S BAKERY -- 86'd in DC... 2003/12/31 11:50:48
I95, I just looked up Heller's Bakery and got this address for them:

3221 Mt Pleasant St Northwest

I'm pretty sure that they're still in the Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Have you ever tried any of Cakelove's cakes, btw? Went there last Sunday and had a "buzzball" (which is somewhat like a creampuff, only 10 times better!); I really should have taken a picture before I ate it, because it was not only -huge- but delicious! Cakelove is on U Street near 15th.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: HELLER'S BAKERY -- 86'd in DC... 2003/12/31 13:07:27
I think there are a couple of (related?) Heller's, tarragon, but the one that I know for sure is closed is the one just a few steps off of Wisconsin Avenue, NW on the left as you travel north. Tiny little place (but, nonetheless, gone).

I will check-out Caleloves. Sounds great. Thanks!