El Rodeo/Mooresville, IN

2009/10/31 13:42:17
El Rodeo has several restaurants located in & around Indianapolis.  Like any chain , the quality of the food can vary from location.  I have eaten at the Avon & N Allisonville Rd  restaurants & have found the food to be good but not great.
However, this past week, My DH & I visisted the Mooresville, IN location.  Tamales are my favorite & the Avon El Rodeo's tamales were first rate.  Made with white cornmeal they were tender & perfectly cooked.  The shredded pork inside was tender & spicy,lightly sauced so the perfection of the cormeal wasn't overwhelmed.  The refried beans were OK, but the rice was great, individual grains,nicely spiced.
I can't tell you how often I have been disappointed when ordering tamales.  El Rodeo's definetely are just about the best I've ever had. Also, a friend of ours from Mexico will only eat at El Rodeo when he goes out for Mexican food.