Oh Canada Going on the Road - beep beep!

Oh Canada
Junior Burger
2009/11/01 17:48:38
Next week I drive to eastern Pennsylvania, spend the next day in New York City (you will know me by my poppy), and then onto Boston, back to Pennsylvania and home, six days later.
Is it possible to have one good meal en route (not far off the highway), a reasonably-priced but delicious and interesting dinner in NYC (probably before the theatre), interesting breakfast in NYC or en route to Boston, and one or two outstanding meals in Boston?  I'll let you know how it went.
And some advance planning: I'm going back to Uganda next year.  In Kampala I've only eaten at the Hotel Equatoria, which is very satisfactory.  Any other suggestions?
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Oh Canada Going on the Road - beep beep! 2009/11/01 23:10:57
Say hello to Idi for me :)