King's Inn-Riviera Beach, Texas

Junior Burger
2009/11/02 11:17:08
The anemic list of Texas seafood entries in the Roadfoods compendium of restaurants (only 3, and one of them a catfish joint!) did not include the best seafood restaurant I have ever experienced in Texas.  And that would include a very large sample.
I speak, of course, as anyone who has been around the coast of Texas for long, or has read the subject line of this post, knows, of the immortal King's Inn, down that long stretch of flat FM road off of Hwy. 77, between Kingsville and Harlingen.  Real local seafood, done simply, within sight of Baffin Bay.
True place and time affinity, perhaps, but give it a shot.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:King's Inn-Riviera Beach, Texas 2009/11/02 11:24:01
Within sight of Baffin Bay? Considering the fact that Baffin Bay is between northernmost Canada and Greenland, you must have fantastic vision.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:King's Inn-Riviera Beach, Texas 2009/11/02 12:18:42
I am not sure if there is a Baffin Bay in Texas,unless it's named for the one in Canada. You might Google them,I think they have a website.
There is also Snoopy's in Corpus Christi,near one of the bridges, they too have a website as does Clear Springs Catfish in Clear Springs,Texas near New Braunfels on Tx.Hwy 46.
Despite the influence of the Spanish and the Catholic Church here, there really doesn't seem to be much in the way of seafood here at all. Louisiana yes,and up north like in Wisconsin,etc. I think it's because of the culture you have here. I think most seafood dishes even in Mexico are coastal ones,found mainly on the coast rather than inland. In Louisiana you have mainly french, and even germans and some hungarians among other groups.
Us Catholics in the old days couldn't eat meat on Fridays because that was a day of abstaining from meat,because Jesus died on Good Friday.
Even years ago my dad said it was strange that San Antonio, which is only 300 miles or so from the coast was lacking in seafood places.Heck,Port Lavaca is only 90 or so miles from here if you go out US Hwy87.If there are any good seafood places here in Texas, they don't advertise much.
Re:King's Inn-Riviera Beach, Texas 2009/11/02 13:45:30
I believe there is a Baffin Bay off the west coast of Padre Island.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:King's Inn-Riviera Beach, Texas 2009/11/05 19:07:56
Baffin Bay is just south of Corpus Christi along the coast and has some of the best flounder, redfish and spec fishing in the state.
We have had several discussions on seafood along the Texas coast from Brownsville to Beaumont including such places as Charlotte Plummers, Maximillians, Guidos, Caseys, Clareys, Christies, Monument Inn and Sartins to name a few.   You can't swing a catfish around here without hitting a good seafood place.
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