huevos rancheros

Junior Burger
2009/11/02 18:37:49

Heads up to anyone travelling Old Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM.  Stop by KIX on 66, owned by sisters Yvonne and Yvette, and be prepared for the taste of a lifetime!!!  This order of huevos rancheros exceeded any expectation I may have had about the well-known dish.   After you've enjoyed 
the generous serving of chilis and cheese, eggs and corn tortillas, and baked pinto beans (yummmm), request the warm, house-made cinnamon bun served with a dollop of whipped butter on top.  My oh my, there's nothing better!!!  The website is  CHECK'EM OUT!!!
Roadfoodie, Sharon
Re:huevos rancheros 2010/05/05 16:51:23
probably won't be in NM anytime soon, but looks like a neat place - I like the menu.

Junior Burger
Re:huevos rancheros 2010/06/16 18:33:12
This place looks really good. I will make note next time I'm on route 66!