Wings And Things

Junior Burger
2009/11/02 21:15:14
I remember, back in 1968 a place in Wahsington DC's Ghetto called "Wings and Things."
Now some how,  there is an establishment in Hempstead New York called the same thing and no one's heard of the original "Wings and Things."  Needless to say the flavor was "off the chain." (that means real good in urban slang) It's crispy with a lot of soul.  the flavor is difficult to explain in words. 
Re:Wings And Things 2009/11/02 21:47:40
no, wings n things was in kansas city.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Wings And Things 2009/11/02 21:57:16
There might have been dozens if not hundreds of those. None related to each other. We had one here in Port St. Lucie in the 80's.
Re:Wings And Things 2009/11/04 16:41:07
new flute : yeah, that WAS the hood. Now it's a changed area, but wings and things is still there.