The Worst is actually the Best

Junior Burger
2009/11/02 21:33:37
I spent time as a New York City Cab Driver, so nobody knows pizza joints like I do.
Hoboken New Jersey however, has the best pizza I've ever had.  The slices are mad bigger there, for some reason or another. They proudley serve pizza slices that are actually twice the size of New York pizza.  The fancy places ain't all that good.  When it comes to pizza, you want to go to an authentic "greazy spoon joint."  That's where the best pizza is always.
Don't ask me to give you names and street locations, because stores change over the years.  Just remember,  if you want a good pizza,  find yourself a "greazy spoon joint." Preferably a Ma and Pa joint in the worst neigborhood.  For some reason or another the pizza is more soulful and good.