Boston Lunch Group

2009/11/03 10:21:01
I usually get out to lunch 3 to 4 times during the week. Being retired I don’t have a lot of time constraints.  Some of my lunch buddies are still working so it is harder for them to get away.  I would like to create an e-mail list of people who have time to do week day lunch.  Anybody on the list can then send notice of an upcoming lunch.  Those who are interested  can reply back and arrainge to meet.  If you would like to be added to the list or have any questions please let me know.
Re:Boston Lunch Group 2009/11/26 11:35:21
On 11/19 BethGRD and I met at Le's in Allston for lunch.  We had exchanged e-mail but it was our first meeting.  We started with Sugar Cain and Shrimp Paste.  It was OK but not something I would order again soon.  We both had a bowl of Pho.  Mine seafood and Beth had Chicken.  Both were delicious.
Would anybody be interested in doing and end of the season visit to the Clam Box in Ipswich?  I was thinking of going on a week day. They are closed on Tuesday and will be closed for the season 12/12.
Re:Boston Lunch Group 2009/11/26 11:49:21
ALL YOU Boston people out there, where are you???

It would be great to give Paul some feedback re weekdays are possible or if you could only do weekends, if you have interest.
He is a true roadfooder; his license plate reads "FOOD"!!
very knowledgeable of local eats and a great guy.
Who is out there? What say you?
Re:Boston Lunch Group 2009/11/26 12:31:20
If I wasn't in STRICT diet mode, I would definitely consider it, unfortunately I have to watch what  I eat for the next few months, I'm not even going on my annual weekend trip to Maine in December.
Junior Burger
Re:Boston Lunch Group 2010/01/03 19:24:06
I would be interested.  I live on the Cape so time might be an issue but please include me in to say yay or nay for myself.  Maybe you and the food license plate will make it down here "not that there are so many great places" I do venture over the bridge once or twice a week.  Email me