Attention DC Foodies

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/11/05 16:38:52
The Washington Business Journal is reporting that "big names from Carla Hall to Fabio Viviani will be in town Nov. 11, when the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel hosts the James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner Series. The fundraiser dinner costs $170 per person and also features the Mayflower's own Abdellah Aguenaou and chef C.J. Jacobson. The four-course meal will emphasize regional flavors. Aguenaou's food has Moroccan touches, Viviani brings the Tuscan flair, Hall's going comfort food and Jacobson is doing American-style tapas. The visiting chefs all appeared at some point on Bravo's Top Chef series."
More information can be found on the Foundation's web site here, FYI.
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Re:Attention DC Foodies 2009/11/05 16:44:48
  Is this a celebration of the Mayflower Madam?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Attention DC Foodies 2009/11/05 22:00:01
bill vossIs this a celebration of the Mayflower Madam?

                                                                                    Why yes it is hence the reason that the
entree that evening is (wait for it)...
...Sydney Biddle Marrow (at $ 5,000 each).
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