New Espresso Machines

Bella Caffe
2009/11/06 11:52:45
Hey guys, Im about to pick up some new espresso machines from Astra Manufacturing. Im trying to pickup a group of them to get the best price. If the people I've already got on board follow through, that gives me the buying power of 6 machines so I'll be able to get them for a great price (looking like about 27% off list which is considered 7% off wholesale since they usually take 20% off if you buy multiples for resale). Astra makes some of the best machines out there & for a good price. Plus they're made in america & over the years when Ive had to do work to my machines, I was able to fix them easily & locally sometimes with parts from the hardware store! Now the times Ive had to fix them where my fault because I am mobile & very hard on machines. My Astra has probably fallen off the cart in the trailer at least 5 times! And I've left it stored in the trailer over winter without draining it & freezing the pump. Anyhow, they're great machines. If anyone on the forum is thinking about adding an espresso machine to their restaurant, let me know & I'll get you a price worked up. Again, Im just a coffee shop thats picking up some new machines & trying to get the best possible price by buying in bulk, you'll get the same.
Mitch Buckner
Bella Caffe Fine Coffee & Espresso Catering & Concessions
Memphis, TN
Bella Caffe
Re:New Espresso Machines 2010/01/21 18:10:15
I've still got these espresso machines available now at all times shipped straight from Astra for the same 27% discount. Im currently based in Aiken, SC until May then back to Memphis but I also travel all over doing shows. I've got a delivery in Charlotte next month for an Espresso machine. If anyone ever needs one, give me a call.

Bella Caffe
Russ Jackson
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:New Espresso Machines 2010/01/25 13:05:52
Is there any value on old vintage brass machines and is ther anyone that you know that services them? I know where one is that stands maybe 4 1/2 feet high. It looks like it was built in the 30s or 40s...Russ
Coney Boy
Junior Burger
Re:New Espresso Machines 2013/08/02 02:42:12
Russ, the old Brass machines have a great worth, even as decor they are beautiful and command at least 5-7K
Double Cheeseburger
Re:New Espresso Machines 2014/09/21 21:56:58