Today's Restaurant Review- Gates BBQ- 11/7/09

2009/11/07 13:52:18

What  a .................TOURIST TRAP!!!

Only Joking....

I am actually very pleased to see that Gates has finally been reviewed. I know that many KC BBQ purists like to dust Gates "under the table" but the two times I visited I was quite pleased and really enjoyed their ribs...

Kudos to Bruce and Sue

Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Today's Restaurant Review- Gates BBQ- 11/7/09 2009/11/07 14:40:42
Gates is funny, because it seems like the sort of place that might not be so great.  I would guess it's one of the places that the very casual tourist interested in finding KCQ would bump into (the others being Arthur Bryant's and Jack Stack).  On the other hand, it can be a little challenging for the casual tourist (unlike Jack Stack, which feels suburban through and through - good Q though), and it really seems to be geared towards the neighborhood.  There were lots of people taking big orders out, and everyone else we saw dining in were most definitely local.  I think the low prices probably have something to do with that, too (besides the good Q).

Incidentally, Gates did once get a brief recommendation from Jane and Michael, on the epicurious website.

Re:Today's Restaurant Review- Gates BBQ- 11/7/09 2009/11/08 11:58:04
You've hit on it exactly. BBQ in KC is a neighborhood thing.
Lots of Gates all over the area, + open real late.
They aren't quite Soup Nazis when the shout out the slogan, Ollie
taught em that at his BBQ school.
As for me, it was always beef on a bun, shouted right back.