Mac 'n' Cheese Restaurants

Filet Mignon
2009/11/16 12:15:21
I've been amazed by billyboy's and others' accounts of unusual single-specialty restaurants in NYC.  I just read about a couple of Macaroni and Cheese restaurants there!
Here's the article on the Wall Street Journal website.
Here are links to the restaurant websites:
I want the mac reuben!
The Cajun sounds like something I saw Justin Wilson make on his show about 25 years ago.  It sounded good then, and I bet I'd like the one at S'Mac.
Billyboy, you have your assignment!
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Re:Mac 'n' Cheese Restaurants 2009/11/16 12:31:21
Awesome! I love mac & cheese. I would love to try them both out. Another unusual single-specialty restaurants in NYC that I really want to try is Peanut Butter & Co. How can you argue with a place that serves peanut butter sandwiches, fluffernutters and Ants on a Log...and milkshakes!
Filet Mignon
Re:Mac 'n' Cheese Restaurants 2009/11/16 13:25:10
MiamiDon, I went to S'Mac a while ago and did a report on it:'mac

They have another branch on the Upper West Side that has paired up with a pizza place named Pinch (pizza by the inch) and the name of the new place is...wait for it...PINCH & S'MAC, no kidding!!  I've been there before with some friends and it was actually pretty good.
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Re:Mac 'n' Cheese Restaurants 2009/11/16 13:30:45
Well, there's still macbar!