Banana Flavored Milk

2009/11/17 01:21:38
It's back!

I guess with all the complaining and pleading Nestle listened.

Don't laugh..  I like the stuff.
Filet Mignon
Re:Banana Flavored Milk 2009/11/17 01:27:05
Any store in particular? Sounds like something I'd be all over.

By the way, missed you the other day at Handel's, where I had one scoop each of the following flavors: banana cream pie, chocolate malt caramel, pistachio, and coconut pineapple.
Re:Banana Flavored Milk 2009/11/17 01:51:30
I bought it either at Ralph's or Gelsons.  Went to both and I don't remember what I bought where or where I bought what.

Four scoops!  Wow, I'm proud of you.  I like all of your choices.

The most I've ever done is two which is funny because when I put ice cream is in a bowl I'm probably eating 5 scoops or more!

Time for bed!  

Re:Banana Flavored Milk 2009/11/17 07:02:00
always wondered how fast a 1.5 quart container get consumed now i know mar52 lol
Re:Banana Flavored Milk 2009/11/17 09:29:26
Bring back the half gallons!
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Re:Banana Flavored Milk 2009/11/17 10:33:14
Seeing that a scoop is roughly 3 ounces...the 1.5 quart container would take mar52 about 5 nights (or less) to polish off
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Banana Flavored Milk 2009/12/30 19:16:48
I wouldn't drink it everyday, but banana milk does hit the spot when you're in the mood for something different. Glad to know it's back.