Does anyone remember the name of this candy?

Junior Burger
2004/01/01 23:07:43
Does anyone remember the name of the candy that looked like Hershey's Kisses, but they were a little bigger and came in a cylinder container? The containers came in red and blue or green, I think. When you opened it the candy was not wrapped. Solid chocolate and very good! My sister and I cannot remember the name! This was in '71,'72. Also does anyone remember Sidewalk sundaes, the ice cream on a stick, was it made by Carnation?
Filet Mignon
RE: Does anyone remember the name of this candy? 2004/01/04 21:51:08
Do you mean Flicks? They were like kisses smashed flat. Ghirardelli stopped making them in the 80s. I had forgotten all about those!
Junior Burger
RE: Does anyone remember the name of this candy? 2004/01/04 23:10:31
Never heard of them. Sounds like I missed out!
I remember a candy called "Flicks". Do you still make them?
While we recognize many of our consumers remember “Flicks” with a nostalgic fondness, we no longer make the product. When the headquarters of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company moved from Ghirardelli Square to San Leandro, packaging equipment for this product was damaged. This machine was made before World War 1 and since the company that manufactured the machine had long since gone out of business, we were not able to repair the machine. Since that time, we have introduced a line of Chocolate Squares, including four rich, indulgent Chocolate Squares featuring smooth, creamy fillings. We expect these Squares to quickly surpass the legend created by “Flicks”, and garner a fond place in the heart of Ghirardelli consumers.