Hostess introduces new line of breakfast danishes

2009/11/20 13:30:41
Saw these at a gas station yesterday--complete with the NEW! on the package. They offered original bear claw, apple, and cheese. Didn't buy one, will try soon. Here is the info:

EDIT:  WHoa, I just realized these press release was from '06 and not this year! I guess they are only new in my neck of the woods!

Interstate Bakeries Corp. (IBC), Kansas City, Mo., is expanding its line of breakfast offerings with a launch of Danishes under its Hostess brand. The product is available in four varieties: cheese, apple, bear claw and blueberry, all of which are available in convenience stores across the country.
"The new Hostess Danishes are the perfect snacks to expand Hostess' already popular breakfast presence and capitalize on the growing breakfast market at convenience stores," said Kevin Kaul, marketing director at Hostess.
"As a leader in the sweet baked goods category, we are working to leverage the iconic Hostess brand with products that resonate with consumers looking for a quick breakfast to go," he said.

Eric B
Re:Hostess introduces new line of breakfast danishes 2009/12/16 18:58:32

Didn't IBC already have the Bear Claws and such, perhaps inheriting that from ABC? 
I think this is just the first time they are appearing under the Hostess label. I was surprised when I saw that too. Wonder if they are competing with Cloverhill, which has a line of danishes like that, at least, here in the northeast.
Junior Burger
Re:Hostess introduces new line of breakfast danishes 2010/01/30 23:24:49
Hostess Brands ( Interstate Bakeries) rolled these out 3 years ago and then stopped distribution as they could not get enough product out to the market.  They are produced by an outsourced bakery on the East coast in Philly I think and now have capacity to roll out nationally.  They are a good piece of cake though! The first wave in 2006 had a blueberry danish but this wave did not unfortunately.