OUTSTANDING breakfast in Elkhart, IN

Filet Mignon
2009/11/22 21:18:46
Callahan's, right off of the western Elkhart exit of Rt 80.

My camera battery died the night before. So, no pictures, dang it. Well, one picture. Here is a picture from the Notre Dame game, kind of emblematic of their season:

That was the last shot before it died.

Anyhow. Callahan's gets middling reviews from around the 'net; I'm here to tell you that my breakfast this morning was absolutely fantastic. I had something called a "babalou"; a four egg omelet with chorizo, fresh jalapeno wheels, onion, tomato, and cheddar, with salsa and sour cream; hash browns; sourdough toast; and coffee. The coffee is excellent, by the way.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you about the potatoes, or the toast; I didn't eat but a bite of either. I was too intent on that omelet. I said to the waitress that I never thought I would be able to say I finished a four egg omelet, and she told me that they actually double their eggs, and it was an EIGHT egg omelet (and now I can't have any eggs until Christmas). But it was that good, I ate well past full because of the flavor, all southwestern chorizo and jalapeno and cheese and onion goodness.

Two 8 egg omelets (Mrs Mosca's House Special omelet of onion/mushroom/pepper/ham/cheese was equally impressive), potatoes, toast, coffee, tea, and orange juice came to $17.66; we paid $25 for crappy hotel buffet breakfast buffet the day before. Pancakes are optional substitute for the potatoes and toast. I actually saw a table of trenchermen eating steak, omelets, pancakes, toast, grits, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and whatever else. Farm folks work hard and need the energy, but these men were also BIG. I'm big, and these guys were BIG big. Point being, appetites are satisfied in addition to taste buds.

Highly recommended for breakfast, for travelers crossing Indiana via I-80. Trust Mosca on this one.
Filet Mignon
Re:OUTSTANDING breakfast in Elkhart, IN 2009/11/22 21:30:53
This place sounds like heaven!  I found what may be an older menu of theirs:

Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:OUTSTANDING breakfast in Elkhart, IN 2009/11/23 08:03:24
Wow, awesome review! I would have loved to see photos but that one will suffice (great capture). That breakfast sounds wonderful. You really ate an entire 8-egg omelet?!? That's nuts. Funny because the first thing I thought to ask was about the toast....Sourdough in Indiana? I've had the best in San Francisco and it's never the same elsewhere (I'm open to being proven wrong on that).

NYCPizzaNut that link didn't work...hopefully this one will:

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Re:OUTSTANDING breakfast in Elkhart, IN 2009/11/23 08:07:20
It was an image of one of the pages of their menu - it looks like it reverted back to the hosting website domain - but you can click their menus from the link EatingTheRoad just posted.
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Re:OUTSTANDING breakfast in Elkhart, IN 2009/11/23 14:20:46

The sourdough toast was from a commercial loaf; nothing missed there.

Yeah, I ate an entire 8 egg omelet. I was making a funny when I said I couldn't eat any eggs until after Christmas, but it's also true: I can only eat 2 eggs a week for health reasons.