Suggestion in Elkhart, IN

Filet Mignon
2009/11/22 21:30:49
We didn't get a chance to try this; it looked promising, but there was no time.

Our desk clerk recommended The Chubby Trout as the place that locals go for good food. A quick Google shows  lot of positive reviews locally, folks like it. Money quote from a local review: "We use the saying 'fish we used to catch of grandpa's pier.' Fresh water blue gill, Lake Perch, walleye, trout, salmon. The menu is created with a lot of hometown food." In addition to that, it seems that there is a lot of fresh fish flown in from Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan. They have sushi and sashimi.

I have no idea how it all sorts out, if they are overextended menu wise, or if they have local fish and flown in specials; we didn't make it there. But it looks promising.