New beer, 32% etoh

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Re:New beer, 32% etoh 2009/11/26 22:11:56
I've found that any beer over about 8% or less than 4% for that matter doesn't taste very good to me. I would pass at any price.
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Re:New beer, 32% etoh 2009/11/26 22:53:26
1. Only Qty. 500  of the 330 ml  (11.16 ounce) bottles produced.
2. Only sold online or at two off-licenses (retail beer, wine and liquor stores) in Edinburgh and London.
3. Produced by lagering their stout in casks for 18 months, then freezing beer (to separate and discard water to raise alcohol percentage).
The brewery has a humorous video of how they made this beer. Click on the screen in the lower right hand side of their homepage:
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Re:New beer, 32% etoh 2009/11/27 08:19:43
I'm fond of barleywines which range between 9% to as much as 13%.  Starting right around 10% you really begin to notice the alcohol.  And because they have to use so much malt for enough sugar to ferment that high, they are strong malt flavored beers.  To balance out that malt, you have to add more hops too.  It's an intense style at just 13%.  One is nice.  Two... is usually one too much. 

Now, nearly triple that.  I would think one taster 6oz glass would be enough.
Re:New beer, 32% etoh 2009/11/28 02:47:35
I would love one!  Viva la Penguin!!!!!!!
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Re:New beer, 32% etoh 2009/11/28 07:58:44
I think this is the strongest beer you can get in the US...Sam Adam's Utopias it's 27%. Only 8,000 of the limited edition brew were made. I think it originally sold for $100 or so but now it's a collectors brew. Talk about pricey! $600 a bottle:

...just did a little research:

Not available in the states of Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, or West Virginia.

53 barrels (approximately 9,000 bottles) were released in November 2009, at a suggested retail price of $150.

The beer is aged in scotch, cognac and port barrels for the better part of a year. It is described as having a "distinctive smell of cinnamon and vanilla with subtle hints of floral, citrus and pine."

Has anyone tried this?