Mickey Lu Bar-B-Q (Marinette, WI) 12/04/09 Featured Review

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/12/04 08:08:03
The review is quite old and scant on pictures so I figured I'd gather these:

Yelp Review
Kathy G.Mickey Lu's hasn't changed over the years. They have always used a charcoal grill to cook the burgers on and the malt machine is around the corner from the grill. The menu is posted on a board to the left of the counter seats.

This place is wonderful. It's not a replica of days gone by, it's an original. The burgers are excellent; between the char grilled beef and the deliciously soft, buttered bun, I have to have two. And I have to top it off with a chocolate malt. It's a perfect meal in a perfect place from another time in history.

Urbanspoon Review

Flickr Photos
From Rex Libris - Mickey-Lu's Cheeseburger:

From Marc C. Mickey-Lu's Charcoal Grill:

From Marc C. Mickey-Lu's Interior:

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