We are in Hard Times

2009/12/08 11:33:00

Hey I liked my mothers Chili pretty well and its much like Wendy's.

So I got to try the 4 types out at Hard Times Cafe. I think I like the vegetarian the best.
There is a brand new place in Hagerstown, Md, and I have been to the Frederick Md.
place many times. Pool hall and restaurant, and chili. I have actually ate more fish at hard
times than chili, but the wings and fries are great. For chile, its a selection of Texas, Cincinnati,
Terlingue Red, and Vegie. Website...

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/08 14:05:13
Why isn't this in the fast food, franchise, chains section?
Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/08 14:18:27
unlike Waffle House, it isn't everywhere in the country. It's a regional thing - found only in the DC metro area.

A good chili house. The one in Old Town Alexandria is great. Relaxed, roll up your sleeves, have a beer and some chili kind of place.

There's no real chili unique to the mid-atlantic, so they make basically two different styles: Texas and Cincinnatti. They also have a spicier Texas style that is on the heat level of competition chili, and a veggie chili - which I don't care for.

But, their meat chili ss quite good. The Texas chili is a bowl of meat and chili. Nothing fancy. Just thick and spicy - like some chili I've had in Texas.

I've never been to Cincinnatti - so I haven't anything to compare Hard Time's cincinatti style with. But, I enjoyed it.

they do chili right. 

And, honestly, I was hoping to hate the place, as it is a regional chain that makes food that isn't born from this region. But I didn't. They impressed me.  
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/08 14:23:30
Waffle House is not everywhere in the country, but this place is a chain and a franchise chain at that.

Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/08 14:42:53
ok, not everywhere - but, waffle house is most certainly not regional. It covers 25 states - over half the continental US states.

Hard Times is in VA and MD in the DC area, and a vendor station at Nationals Park.

Regional cooking - despite being a franchise.

When they open one up in Columbus, then I guess it will have lost its regional label.

Filet Mignon
Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/08 14:51:13
Does that mean I can post  on Ledo Pizza  under  pizza  rather than  chains?
Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/08 15:00:40
Ledo's has a place in North Carolina and Florida. They stretch from Beach to Mountain. They're not strictly a metro DC pizza chain.

Ledo's is like Five Guys. They've ballooned way passed "regional."

Re:We are in Hard Times 2009/12/09 10:09:35
Hard times was in Indianapolis. I was in there just before it closed. It was kind of beat, and I think
there was one in Texas that closed. There might be one in England. The restaurant business is not
easy to run.