Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh

Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/12/09 16:59:25
Johnny's Place is an unprepossessing bar in North Oakland (256 North Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA‎). Inside, though, it has a handful of beautiful tables, walls decorated with autographed memorabilia of local sports heroes, a friendly, enthusiastic proprietor, and really splendid sandwiches.

The decor really grounds it solidly in Pittsburgh:


On my latest trip, I got a superior Reuben:
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The picture does not capture the cloud of steam that fogged my glasses when I picked it up, or the splendid flavor of the sandwich.

Johnny's makes a bunch of other sandwiches, and every sandwich I've had has been splendid. I'm particularly fond of the turkey-bacon hoagie and the meatball hoagie; the friend who introduced me to the place is partial to the steak and egg sandwich.

Johnny's also serves superior onion rings, with tender contents and a lovely crunch:

One order of onion rings is large enough that I prefer to share an order with several other sandwich eaters.

Johnny's is well worth a visit for diners in the Oakland area.

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh 2009/12/09 18:22:48
There's not enough 'kraut in that there Reuban...but those rings look nice!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh 2009/12/11 14:53:48
Thanks so much for this report.  I first heard about Johnny's a couple of years ago, but haven't been able to eat here yet, so I have been curious.  That is a fine looking reuben you have there.

When are they open?  I have driven past at least a half dozen times and they have never been open.
Filet Mignon
Re:Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh 2009/12/11 16:06:25
I would love that sandwich right now. By the looks of the way there is a hump  I would gather that there is the perfect amount of sauerkraut.  I will take one, please!
Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh 2009/12/11 16:06:50
I called Johnny's Place to ask. (412-681-4681). He said Monday through Friday, 11:30am-5:30pm, Saturday noon-3pm, Sunday closed. He also said that he's not doing quite all those hours because of his recent surgery and his father's sickness, so it's worthwhile to call ahead.

If you are moved to visit, let me know; it's quite close to where I work, and I'd be happy to join you even on Saturday.
Junior Burger
Re:Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh 2009/12/12 20:02:16
Thanks for posting about Johnny's Place. I live on North Craig Street just a block from it, and haven't actually taken the time to check it out yet. This should five me the motivation to finally walk over! I always like a good Reuben (and sandwich place in general for that matter).
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Johnny's Place, Pittsburgh 2009/12/12 20:37:21
Welcome to Roadfood!  Ralph and I met at Johnny's Place for lunch today.  If my photos turned out decent, I post them in a few days.  My teriyaki burger was quite good and my girlfriend enjoyed her gyro, too.

Let us know if you get there and what you thought.