Brook's Sandwich Shop...Charlotte

Junior Burger
2009/12/18 13:24:04
I have heard alot about this place and what a great burger they have. Well I finally got to try it today, when I was off. They are open M-F 7am-2pm. Its outside of the NODA area in Charlotte at 2710 N Brevard St.. A small little building and order only have to eat in car are carry out.
 I got a Cheeseburger with Bacon, Hotdog and Fries. The burger was great and juicy, bacon was crisp and piled on. Cook very good and probley one of the best burger I have had in Charlotte. The Hotdog was good and the chilli had a spicy kick to it. Over all Im glad I got to check it out it was great .
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Brook's Sandwich Shop...Charlotte 2009/12/18 13:29:40
Near NODA, huh?  That whole area has vastly improved over the past decade.  I'll definitely add Brook's to my short list for my next trip south.  Thanks, friend!    Chris