Hires Root Beer

Junior Burger
2009/12/30 16:19:03
Can you people in the south, say TX, OK, etc., ..., find Hires Root Beer on the shelf?
(Or anywhere for that matter.)
Cans? Plastic Bottles? Glass Bottles?
Dr. Pepper owns the rights to it now & I believe they are headquartered in the south somewhere.
Anyway, the point of the post is, ..., If you can, would there be anyone interested in buying some & shipping it up here to Nebraska?!?
I've bought it online in the past, but it's costly if tya go that route, & ususally out of stock.
We can't get it around here anymore & I hope it can still be found somewhere.
And no, I don't want the concentrate to mix my own. It's just not the same.
Anyone know anything about Hires availability?!?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Hires Root Beer 2009/12/30 18:10:27
Call Dr. Pepper and find out where it can be found. In the meantime, order some :

Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/01/01 19:35:52
 This won't help you in Nebraska but I've seen Hires near Medina, Ohio; Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and Williamsport, PA. There is a bottler in the Charlotte, North Carolina area but I don't recall seeing Hires in that area.
 The Dr Pepper Snapple Group is located in the Dallas, Texas area.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/01/01 19:52:08
  Dr Pepper/Snapple Group is opening a large bottling facility on the former George AFB site in Victorville, CA. Wonder if they will produce Vernor's in SoCal now??
Junior Burger
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/14 11:58:53
Hires Root beer is readily found in Canada (not that it helps you).

One thing though, it sure tasted a lot better back i n the late 80's, more "mediciney" as Homer would say. Today it tastes more sugary-sweet than root beer.
mayor al
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Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/14 16:26:50
Mr Burns

   I have to agree with you about the evolution (and loss) of the traditional "Rooty" flavors. All the major brands seem to have moved away from the 'creamy' and 'earthy' flavors to the generic sweeter versions. That's not generally a good move in My book!
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/14 16:58:52
Agree with that. Kind of reminds me of what happened to ginger ale when it became a ginger flavored soda. Now when I  want ginger ale I pay the premium on a six pack of Vernor at the local supermarket. At least it has more of a ginger flavor and not some sugared version. 
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/14 23:01:16
In this area one of the market chains carries VERNORS with it's A&W and Big Red distributor. Normal price is $5 a 12 pack, but frequently on sale (right now !!) for 3/12 packs for $9. I like Vernors for the same reasons you do
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/14 23:18:33
Wish Vernor's still had that choking affect it did when I was young.  It had a much stronger taste back then.

Still love it.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/15 00:14:20
I live in DFW TX and here they sell A&W. The cans and clear bottles suck but the brown bottles are very good. I'm originally from central new york and there Hires is the Root Beer of choice.
Filet Mignon
Re:Hires Root Beer 2010/03/15 01:31:42
I can check if I can get it for you, if you would like me to.  The big question is, are you ready to deal with the cost of shipping it to you.  I just did a rough check of that cost on the UPS website, for shipping the soda from here to Kearney.  For one 12-pack cans, it would be about $13, for two 12-packs taped together about $14 to $15, for three 12-packs taped together about $16 to $18, etc.  Would you still be interested, considering the shipping cost is in addition to the soda cost?  (Currently, the soda cost here (when on sale) is about $4 per 12-pack.)  Bubble wrap and/or corrugated cardboard would also be needed to be wrapped around the outside of the package to protect the cans, since the cardboard on the12-packs is very flimsy.  In other words, you could figure three 12-packs to cost you around $40 total.
Any more, shipping cost is a major factor in shipping anything that has considerable weight, and for canned soda, a single 12-pack weighs about 6 lbs.  The closer to you that you can find it, the better your total cost will be, unless you feel like doing a road trip.  (You live about 600 miles from me.)
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