Poverty Pete
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2010/01/01 15:15:56
I started off the new year with breakfast at Walker's Pancake House, San Diego edition.
   I give it a mixed review.  The coffee wasn't very good.  The bacon was crisp and had they not burned it, would have been good.  Grapefruit juice was fresh squeezed ruby red, and delicious.  Apart from that, the only thing that impressed me was the service.  Breakfast for four amounted to $75.00.   Where's Waffle House when you need one?
Filet Mignon
Re:Walker's 2010/01/01 23:58:28
No wonder I've never heard of that place... too rich for my blood.
10 bucks max is more my style.
Re:Walker's 2010/01/02 01:10:44
Reminds me of the Carnegie Deli in NY, during a huge downpour of rain, we stopped in for breakfast.   I got a plain bagel, a side of bacon, and oj = $11.45!!!  The bagel was barely toasted, the bacon burned, and the oj was small.  The waiter was extremely rude, and even though the place was sparsely filled with people, kept trying to push us out of the place.

And yes, Waffle House rocks, I've never had a bad meal, and 2 people can eat for $12,  normally tip $8 on the $12 order because of the great service.
Born in OKC
Re:Walker's 2010/01/02 08:40:10
With reference to the Carnegie Deli, I reaize that eight blocks in the rain is a bummer, but do you know the Edison Cafe on 47th at the hotel of the same name?  Good breakfast there IMO, and other meals.   Perhaps the most accessible Jewish food in the city.
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Re:Walker's 2010/01/02 09:24:07
One of the anolomies of Manhattan is the number of diners/coffee shops/cafes (like the Edison Cafe) that serve "Breakfast Specials" at prices below those in other major cities. They only serve them up to 10:30 or 11:00 AM, however.

I'd be curious to know what breakfast entrees Pete's party had in San Diego. Unless grapefruit juice, bacon and coffee is now $18.75 with tax and tip.
Poverty Pete
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Re:Walker's 2010/01/02 09:31:14
We had a cheese crepe, pecan pancake, a sort of baked pancake with cheese and veggies, and I think, a bowl of granola. One order of bacon was shared, and two juices and two coffees.  For this, we had to wait a half hour in line.  Sheesh!
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Re:Walker's 2010/01/02 11:44:12
I entered "San Diego, CA" into Waffle House's restaurant locator. The result that came back was "13 stores found in your area." The closest one is 331.95 miles away in Goodyear, Arizona.

It is unfortunate that so many good breakfast places have long lines on weekends and holidays. But those entrees (except for the granola) sound very good.