Fat Jack's (Monona WI)

2010/01/02 20:52:55
A couple of Tuesdays ago we had a restaurant certificate for Fat Jack's in Monona and I had a roll of film to finish, so I figured what the heck.

For at least 20 years Tuesdays and Thursdays have been nights for all-you-can-eat chicken and spare ribs.  The price now is $11.95 and when we first moved up here I think it was either $8.95 or $9.95...still an outstanding deal IMO.  Then again, maybe if they charged a little more they could fix the sign.

There are booths and tables, lots of natural wood, and plenty of Wisconsin-related memorabilia.  Too bad those aren't current prices!

Potato wedges, beans, toast, and coleslaw round out the order.  Years ago this was just the beginning for me...nowadays I'm lucky if I get through the initial serving and it's been a long time since I ordered seconds.  Doggie bags are OK for the first plate but not on reorders, which is a pretty smart policy.

That pink meat means it's undercooked, right?:wink:  Wish I'd been able to focus this one a little better, though.

Kathy ordered the regular back rib dinner.  FJ's serves back ribs with a sweeter sauce while the spare ribs have a citrus glaze and are dry and crusty in comparison and personally, I prefer them by a long shot...I think I've ordered the backs maybe once over the years.  They also have pulled pork, beef, and even fish on the menu but I go back to the ribs almost every time, unless it's a Lenten Friday.

I'm sure that some form of cold tea is on the menu but I need a beer with barbecue, and Sprecher Black Bavarian from Milwaukee is one of my favorites.

Sometimes the chicken can be a little dry but this night it was just fine.  I honestly don't think I've ever had a bad meal at Fat Jack's although some have been better than others.


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Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/02 21:05:39
Looks great!
I've had BBQ twice in the last 2 weeks (Smoque in Chicago and Pat's Rib Place in Waukesha), and I'm still craving it.

mayor al
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Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/03 11:26:37
  Address?  Website? Are the AYCE chicken AND ribs served together or are they done, one  one night and one the other?  I'm going to send my daughter and family in for a test meal. We may try it if the timing is right on our next visit north!
Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/03 12:11:30
No website but the address is 6207 Monona Drive, on the west side of the street and a little over a block north of Broadway.  Very easy to get to from the Beltline.  608/221-4220.

With this deal the chicken and ribs are served together on 1 plate but I think they might offer AYCE ribs on Wednesdays and AYCE chicken on Sundays.
Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/03 13:36:22
Nice stuff Brad!  That was a perfect smoke ring, rare for an all you can eat place.

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Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/03 19:55:02
Brad, that's some good-looking food at Fat Jack's. With places like this and Smoky Jon's in the Madison area, central Wisconsin might get to be a real barbecue capital someday.  
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Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/03 22:50:20

The one thing you don't mention is your post is SMOKE flavor.  Is this authentic barbecue (a smoke ring doesn't necessarily mean smoked meat) or the stuff that is usually sold in Wisconsin? 

I ask because in all my years of passing Fat Jack's or eating at the neighboring Taco John's, I have never smelled smoke in the air.

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Re:Fat Jack's (Monona WI) 2010/01/04 09:49:34
Yes, the meat definitely has smoke flavor and according to the printed menu it's accomplished through the use of Wisconsin hickory.  I seem to recall that years ago FJ's had a small rack of wood outside the front door but it's not there now, and since Madison is the City of the Perpetually Offended maybe somebody complained.

It sounds like you've never eaten there, which surprises me.  Then again, I believe it opened sometime in the '80s and you might've already been gone from Madison by then.