Homebrewers out there??

2010/01/03 17:49:24
  Ringing in the new year with a home brew beer kit, has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts and how were the results? We are totally new at the whole concept. Thanks!!
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Re:Homebrewers out there?? 2010/01/04 10:18:18
My son in law has been in to it for a few years. He is getting very good, and has learned from a few mistakes. He has been trying "whole grain" brewing (rather than from concentrate), and grows his own hops. (our little barley "crop" failed in 2009) I'm more into light beer for the little that I drink, but when he brings me a bottle of his (in the Sam Adams class), I'm more than happy to drink it.  I may get into hard cider.
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Re:Homebrewers out there?? 2010/01/04 10:30:40
I've been brewing Hard Cider, Mead and Graff for about 4 months now......

Graff is a combination of Beer and Cider.....so my experience with Beer is limited to that.

I can tell you it's a blast to brew your own!!
Re:Homebrewers out there?? 2010/01/04 10:33:36
About a decade ago I gave home brewing a try. Mostly had success. My best was a cherry stout that I felt was a dead ringer for Bell's. Last year I used my equipment to make maple syrup.
Re:Homebrewers out there?? 2010/01/07 11:13:39
Thanks everyone! While shopping for the supplies we talked to 2 home brewers that were very generous on chatting up the whole subject, we are very excited to try it-our first batch will be a porter-we ordered a boiling pot on line. went to a restaurant supply store but they wanted $150.00 for a stainless steel pot-a bit more $ than we want to spend. Hopefully this weekend we can get this candle lit  :)