Chili Cook Off Stoves

Junior Burger
2010/01/15 23:38:20
Hey all,

 I'm trying to get advice on what stove to buy  for Chili cook offs. I seen a lot of people using Coleman stoves, but was looking at the King Kooker 3 burner stove  from Dicks. Is the Coleman stove big enough for two big pots?? I haven't been able to find any specs online yet. I plan on competing in all categories and need to know how many stoves I would need.
Thanks  in advance.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Chili Cook Off Stoves 2010/01/16 09:03:26
Check out the Dual Fuel™ Powerhouse® 3-Burner Stove
Model No. 428-A00
Re:Chili Cook Off Stoves 2010/01/16 11:14:37
look at the Camp Chef stoves
bunch of different models
run off propane & plenty big enough
I boil the heck out of salt patatoes in all weather
Re:Chili Cook Off Stoves 2010/01/17 00:04:50
What's youir Budget to buy one/
Here's some dandies!
Junior Burger
Re:Chili Cook Off Stoves 2010/01/18 00:31:07
Thanks Guys!!

I think I will go with the Camp Chef 3 burner vs the King Kooker.I 'll probably pick up the smaller 2 burner table top for back up and serving.
Thanks again.
Re:Chili Cook Off Stoves 2010/01/24 03:04:31
i have a camp chef 2-burner, and have been very happy with it. it works as a tabletop stove and also has removable legs so it can stand alone on the ground. the construction is heavy-duty, both burners are very adjustable from a roar to a slow simmer.