Quick Chek Burgers

Matt Gleason
Double Cheeseburger
2010/01/17 22:00:13
Quick Chek is a gasoline/ convenience store chain based out of New Jersey.  They have spread up into New York where I am from and have some good deals on subs, soups and coffee.
Recently they decided to offer a burger which is actually very good.  The price and quality beats any fast food chain hands down!

Here is a Double Cheese BLT Burger: two beef patties, double cheddar cheese, double bacon, tomatoes
lettuce, pickles, ketchup on a kaiser roll.


carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:Quick Chek Burgers 2010/01/17 22:12:53
Looks pretty good. You're sure not going to find anything like that at 7-11.
Filet Mignon
Re:Quick Chek Burgers 2010/01/18 00:15:40
Hi Matt !
Looks messy enough for me!!

The nearest Quick Chek I know of for me, is in the Toms River area, (an hour north of here in AC area)
I occasionally stop there to take out tuna subs on the way back from my sisters in Freehold..

I will check out their burgers next time....
did'nt know they had them....
maybe it's new?
Matt Gleason
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Quick Chek Burgers 2010/01/18 14:17:10
I believe they started offering them in September 2009.
Matt Gleason
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Quick Chek Burgers 2010/01/30 23:01:36
They also have a burger called Zesty Pizza Burger.  An Angus beef burger with marinara sauce, mozarella cheese and pepperoni on a fresh baked hard roll.  You can get other stuff on it too but the above combination is very good.