pizza in the Burgh

2010/01/19 09:54:16
I have been around here before talking about pizza. For the most part i like it crisp,
so it snaps. I have been hearing about Vincent's pizza here for a long time, and
finally got there. Its like no other pizza I have had. Its seems highly popular.
Its all about the ingredients, there size, and the dough. The dough is very tasty and thick, almost
sweet. You want pepperoni? That means a big handful. You only want one side?
It goes on the side, the full amount. Thats about 2 inches high. The pepperoni gets kind of greasy.
We had Canadian bacon, and onion, 19 inch style. Thats 2 inches of onions on one side.
Our pizza was not as brown as some of the other I saw. Its never crisp in the center, in fact
that becomes the "dipping" area, for the crust you know. Forget what you know about pizza.
They even wrap it up differently. Probably about an hours wait on a weekend night.
Picture is worth a thousand words, taken while smoking outside. By the way, the originator
was a chain smoker, all the while tossing pizza. Here...............

Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/01/19 10:52:49
I really didn't say if I liked it. YES it tasted great.
I think an ingredient is about 1/2 pound each.
The young lady making it had to use more than one handful.

Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/01/19 12:49:13
Is that your pizza she's working on?  What army were you feeding?
Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/01/19 13:00:45
No, there are two shown. One with pepperoni and cheese.
If I go there again, I'll take the camera. I can't imagine what the one
with everything looks like. Its probably 6 inches high before cooking.
They don't, and you can't use pizza boxes. The pizza is placed on a cardboard sheet,
then wide white paper is rolled over and over, finally being stapled
at the edges.

Everybody just kind of sits around and smiles, knowing this is unbelievable.
The shop is located east of Pittsburgh on Rte. 30.

Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/01/19 16:46:48
I've been meaning to try Vincent's again; it's just down the road from me.

I've judged Vincent's poorly through no great fault of their own: my first experience with Vincent's was after a hard day of moving. We were exhausted, and we wanted pizza because it would be familiar and we could eat it without finding knives and forks.

The Vinnie Pie was unusual, and we weren't able to appreciate "unusual" just then. And it wasn't an eat-with-your-hands pizza, so it gave us hassle we couldn't handle in our exhaustion.
Ralph Melton
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Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/02/03 16:06:47
I finally went back to Vincent's, and I have photos of the garlic and chicken pizza we got for takeout..

This is the Vincent's alternative to a pizza box:

This is the unveiled Vinnie Pie:

The crust is thick and chewy on the edges. In the center, though, it slopes down under the weight of the toppings. If you tried to pick up a piece with your hands, the toppings would slide into your lap.

Here's a side view of a slice, showing the topping distribution:

Fire Safety Admin
Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/02/03 16:09:26
Thanks for the photos.  I really need to get to Vincent's.
  That looks like one seriously heavy pizza!
Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/03/09 11:43:36
The restaurant is still open, but Vincent has passed on:

Re:pizza in the Burgh 2010/04/11 13:49:58
I am sorry that Vincent has passed on.  There was no mention of his death in the local papers until I called the Post Gazette and they published the following obit:

I still remember going there in the 1970s with high school friends and having Vinnie Pies with a few "carefully concealed Ahrns" in our snorkel coats. Brings back alot of memories.

Vinnie was quite the character too.  I do not recall ever seeing him without a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.