Milwaukee pizzeria (Pizza Man) destroyed by fire

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2010/01/19 11:37:42

Pizza Man, an iconic eastside Milwaukee institution for 40 years, is one of the businesses destroyed in a four-alarm fire this morning. Here's an article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Many Roadfooders have loved the cracker-thin crust of Pizza Man's pizzas. Also popular was the restaurant's vast wine cellar (one of the best in the city), including many premium wines sold by the glass.  Fortunately, Milwaukee still has other great places such as Zaffiro's and Lisa's, but Pizza Man will surely be missed. I hope they can rebuild.

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Re:Milwaukee pizzeria (Pizza Man) destroyed by fire 2010/01/19 11:42:10
Also destroyed was Grecian Delight, one of the best Greek places in a city that is lacking them.

Cush, a bar/lounge, Black & White Cafe, a brat, burger and dog place, and 10 apartments were also destroyed.

As much as Pizza Man saddens me, I mourn the loss of Grecian Delight more.
Re:Milwaukee pizzeria (Pizza Man) destroyed by fire 2010/01/19 20:09:11
It was good to see no one was injured or killed in the fire.  It could have been really bad in that student housing area.

I have never been to Pizza Man and knew nothing about the place until just recently.  JSOnline had a Best Wine List Poll and Pizza Man kept getting mentioned.  I thought it was a joke, but sure enough they had a wine selection of some renown. 
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Re:Milwaukee pizzeria (Pizza Man) destroyed by fire 2010/01/20 01:14:57
My best friend lives in the neighborhood. I'm hoping to catch her by email before she returns from Japan & freaks out about it not being there anymore. We usually eat @ Beans & Barley when I'm down there, but having the whole block gutted will freak anyone out.

My boss said that was the worst part of the fire for her, thinking about all those poor bottles of wine who perished.
Re:Milwaukee pizzeria (Pizza Man) destroyed by fire 2010/01/26 13:01:37
According to this WISN story the fire has been classified as a case of arson.

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Re:Milwaukee pizzeria (Pizza Man) destroyed by fire 2010/01/26 19:32:59
Thanks for the link, Brad. According to a related article at the bottom of the page, the Pizza Man owners were able to salvage some stuff from the restaurant. It sounds like they'll try to re-open somewhere.