whats with the forums????

2010/01/20 22:30:18
every time I click on a discussion lately, it takes me to the Forum Navigation Page where they are all listed not working right.. any ideas????
Re:whats with the forums???? 2010/01/21 01:26:35
Something similar happened to me a while ago in Safari browser, I switched to FireFox and it went back to normal...
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:whats with the forums???? 2010/01/22 02:15:27
I had the same trouble some time back with the roadfood site...and more recently with the classmates site.  Dumping a cache of temp internet files and cookies cleared everything up for me both times. I did however have to go back to all my bookmarked sites and 'sign in again' instead of being carried along automatically.