Sams Hot Dog Stands

2010/01/30 08:24:03
Anyone familiar with Sams Hot Dog Stands? A B&M originally opened in Huntington WVA in 1983. They are franchising locations. One recently opened in Springboro, OH. My mother-in-law sent me a newspaper article before the holidays. She just sent me an ad, offering 2 dogs for 99 cents!!!
That prompted me to do a search. In WVA the regular menu price for a dog is $1.08 plus tax, including chili or coleslaw and a pork BBQ for $1.79. Website lists 39 locations in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia including the one in Ohio. What can they be selling for $1.08?
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Re:Sams Hot Dog Stands 2010/01/30 08:48:00
Over the years, I've traveled extensively by car through southern West Virginia, so I'm pretty familiar with Sam's. The only location that I've ever eaten at is the one on 5th Avenue in Huntington. This was back in my "hot dog purist" days ( mustard only ), so I've yet to sample their famed chili sauce, but one of these days I'll have to give Sam's West Virginia-style dog ( mustard, onions, chili sauce and cole slaw ) a try. I recently had a couple of this type from Stewart's Drive-In, also on 5th Ave., and they're pretty good. 
Re:Sams Hot Dog Stands 2010/01/30 09:17:58
Every Sam's I've eaten at here in Charleston has been a poor excuse for a hot dog, skimpy on the ingredients, no flavor.......not sure how they stay in business???
Re:Sams Hot Dog Stands 2010/01/30 13:08:40
Whenever I am back in West Virginia I always go back to my favorite hot dogs spots- Dunbar Bowling Alley, Trevillians Pharmacy in Kanawha City, & the Clendenin Dairy Queen.
Sam's may have good hot dogs, but I don't think they could beat my 3 favorites.