Best of the Home Baked Pies.

2010/02/03 23:42:17
We all know that Grandma, Mom, You, or your Sig Other bakes the Best Pies ever.   What about those other places that bake and sell pies to the general public when you're to lazy to make your own pie  ??? Who do you think makes the Best Pies ( Besides Grandma et al) when you're too lazy to make one. We will accept Frozen Pies from the supermarket, but would prefer Mom & Pops. This thread was prompted by the Cake vs Pie Discusson/thread
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Best of the Home Baked Pies. 2010/02/04 01:32:06
Not much choices in store bought or bakery pies in this area. Both the Winn-Dixie and Publix chains dominate the market with Publix being marginally better. Both are pre-frozen. Acceptable over vendors such as Entemann's, but nothing great. Local bakeries cater to mostly a latin market and thier cakes are their forte. This past Thansgiving I got a dollar off coupon for a Mrs. Smith premium pie along with a store calendar coupon that knocked off another dollar and took a chance. This one surprised us. Not sure of the Smith brand name, but it was a rather heavy,deep dish apple pie. I haven't bought a frozen pie in over 20+ years. This one I'd buy again over a store bakery anytime at full price.
Junior Burger
Re:Best of the Home Baked Pies. 2010/02/04 05:45:09
Just Pies in the Columbus are good, and I'm very fond of the frozen Mrs. Wicks sugar Cream pie. 
Re:Best of the Home Baked Pies. 2015/01/09 16:21:29
When I do not feel like baking a pie, I go to a local bakery. That seems to do it for me. Not a fan of pies in the bakery at the grocery store. To me they do not taste right.... too highly processed.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Best of the Home Baked Pies. 2015/01/12 11:04:17
I agree about Mrs. Smith's Original Flaky Crust Cherry Pie.  It is the only non-homemade pie I buy.  I haven't found any Mom & Pop bakeries in Minneapolis whose pie I really like (although I like many of their other treats).  The pies from Lunds/Byerly's grocery were a real disappointment.
I have Mrs. Smith's once or twice a year (often for Presidents Day), at most. They used to make a natural juice cherry pie that I liked even more, but it has been discontinued.