New Pittsburgh BBQ

Kenny Joe
2010/02/06 11:08:54
Good news for folks who work in downtown Pittsburgh and like BBQ. Big Mama's House of Soul is moving to the Liberty Avenue spot formerly occupied by the Steel City Diner. (961 Liberty Avenue) Also, A & J Ribs has opened at 100 Fifth Avenue (the building bounded by Liberty, Fifth and Graeme). I hope to check it out next week.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:New Pittsburgh BBQ 2010/02/06 18:40:44
Kenny Joe-
I tried to eat at Big Mama's House of Soul a few weeks ago, but it was closed due to the move.  I'm sure they will do well in their new location.  And please report back after you visit A & J Ribs.
Kenny Joe
Re:New Pittsburgh BBQ 2010/03/14 15:29:11
I have been to A & J Ribs twice now. The place is a new buildout in an old building. There's a counter where you order and other one with maybe 12 stools for dining. In addition, there are several high tables with stools.

On the first visit, I didn't have much time, so I opted for the pulled pork sandwich. That's usually a safe choice; I can't recall a bad one other than long ago in the high school cafeteria. On the other hand, I can't recall having a great one either.  A & J's pulled pork fit the profile, a satisfying sandwich but nothing spectacular.

I also didn't have much time on a second visit, but that didn't stop me from ordering the spare rib platter, choosing cole slaw and baked beans as my sides. Unfortunately, I had to wolf down my food in a way that did not encourage later elaborate description of that which was so briefly on my plate. I will report that like pulled pork, the meal was not great, but it was certainly satisfying. The meat itself was well cooked, tender and not overburdened with fat & gristle. The sauce was the sweet tomato sauce, not very spicy, common around here. The baked beans and cole slaw (creamy) were good. The friendliness of the staff was remarkable. I will definitely go back.

This week, I hope to get to Big Mama's House of Soul at its new location downtown.