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Junior Burger
2010/02/06 12:27:13
Husband and I went to a casino in Atlantic City to escape the snow for a couple of days.  After one day we felt the need to escape from the casino, so we went to the White House and had excellent steak and cheese subs for lunch (saw the review on Roadfood) then to Formica's bakery across the street for pastries.  Formica's folks told us they make the bread for White House subs.  We returned to the same area for dinner because we had spotted a restaurant called Angelino's II, also on Arctic Ave.  The outside was a little scary, like much of old Atlantic City, but inside, after passing through the bar, we found white tablecloths and waiters in white shirts and bow ties.  We weren't starving due to the lunch, but husband had spaghetti and meatballs and I had linguine and clams, both very, very good.  The place had an extensive wine list although we did not indulge.  The bill only came to about $40.  Not sure this qualifies as roadfood, but it sure was good.
Filet Mignon
Re:Atlantic City 2010/02/06 12:42:27
well--you were "on the road" when you ate there and it was certainly NOT a chain!--sounded like "the best of local" to me!
Re:Atlantic City 2010/02/06 13:20:36
fbarrett, Thanks for the heads up on Angeloni's II.  I checked out their menu and wine list, looks very good. 
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Re:Atlantic City 2010/02/06 15:44:53
This restaurant is in the section of A.C. known as Ducktown, which is the old Italian section. They have a nice website, and all the reviews on yelp are very positive. I plan to go. BTW, maybe this thread could go on Trip Reports. Good post and thank you for the inspiration to go there. Pizza King was also recommended to me. It's also in the Ducktown area, and Ellen's boyfriend got a real goodlooking pizza there yesterday.
No part of Atlantic City scares me!
Filet Mignon
Re:Atlantic City 2010/02/06 16:00:52
I've been to Angeloni's II a couple times, none recently; I remember it as pretty good. I think the most recent visit was about 4 years ago. I couldn't remember the name, but recognize it from the picture.
Junior Burger
Re:Atlantic City 2010/02/07 22:21:27
Thanks Harriet1954, and thanks for the pizza recommendation.  I would move the thread if I knew how!  Can that be done?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Atlantic City 2010/02/13 23:33:46
<<The outside was a little scary, like much of old Atlantic City>>

Frankly, I find Old Atlantic City a lot less scary than New Atlantic City.

Never been to Angeloni's, but my friends and I like Angelo's Fairmont Tavern for our "every two years" visit to AC. Very old school, like most of Ducktown.