Easy Dip

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2010/02/08 16:22:22
Open up a 16 oz. jar of spicey corn relish and add a 16 oz. carton of sour cream. Mix, cill and eat with corn chip. Really easy and very good. Try it, you'll like it.
Re:Easy Dip 2010/03/29 13:34:28
A can of Ro-Tel in melted cheese is a good and quick answer
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Easy Dip 2010/09/08 16:40:02
My neighbor cooks up a pound of pork sausage (the kind in a roll), melts a pound of Velveeta and adds the sausage and a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes and chiles, stirs it all together and serves it right out of the crock pot. We go through a big bag of Doritos with that. Yum! By the way, you can use the low fat sausage and it's just fine.
Re:Easy Dip 2010/09/08 17:06:11
1 can of condensed black bean soup
add 16oz jar of salsa
add 16oz nacho cheese (not cheese with salsa) or 1lb velvetta
microwave till bubbly.
eat with chips.
As students in college, we called this "$H!T dip," because it looks like..., but it's yum. Beware: high calorie, sodium, etc dip. Not for those following any diet of any kind.
Another one:
16oz Sour Cream
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Powder packet
Mix well and Chill for several hours to let spices meld with sour cream.
For spicy version, add cayenne or mexican spice pack to taste.
For BBQey flavor version, add 1/2 packet of McCormick Mesquite spice packet.
It's pretty versatile. You can pretty much throw anything into this recipe. And, serve with chips and/or vegetables.
Depending on how much spice you put in, you can use low-fat sour cream, but I don't recommend using no-fat sour cream ever in a sour cream based dip.
Re:Easy Dip 2010/09/08 17:09:18
PS - this is a great idea for a thread, with football season upon us!
Re:Easy Dip 2010/09/13 17:53:14
A pint of Sour Cream a package of Lipton Onion soup, 2 cans of tuna in oil, drained, all mixed together, sit refrigerated 15 minutes. Freetoes Scoop chips.