Sushi combinations

Junior Burger
2004/01/09 23:28:37
I just started eating/making Sushi. What is your favorite recipe?
Filet Mignon
RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/10 16:34:55
I've become an expert at making sashimi!

RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/12 14:44:27

my favorite sushi is the Daitoro Oily Tuna. Although the most expensive cut, its also the richest flavor, and well worth it.Melts in your mouth.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/12 14:58:57
Hey Sushi-girl,

Where did you get that picture of the tuna? It looks almost....embossed. Like there's some kine of brocaded pattern on the tuna.

Please tell me it's my imagination?
RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/12 16:36:27
i got that picture off a sushi site, the Tuna itself is really very fatty, and the lines are just that, the fat that runs throught the flesh. than again as far as i know they shellaced the darn thing to photograph it? nevertheless its a nice piece of sushi to eat.
Helen Maxwell
Junior Burger
RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/12 16:58:45
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sushi. I don't make the stuff, but I'll eat it gladly! I love tuna especially, but salmon is great too. Just about the only sushi I won't eat is squid, octopus, or egg. The first two are like chewing on rubber erasers, and I just don't eat eggs. ^___^
RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/12 17:05:10
i love eel, and just about anything clam-like. can not deal with sea urchin. the sushi bar at the new otani hotel in l.a. is the best i've ever had, and not unreasonable.
RE: Sushi combinations 2004/01/13 19:28:20
I like yellowtail, tuna (fatty and otherwise), BBQ eel, almost any cooked shellfish, futomaki, california rolls, almost any veggie roll.
Junior Burger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/22 09:34:46
I like lobster sushi rolls yuuuuum
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/22 09:49:21
That toro looks extra-special. Love the stuff. Can be hard to find.

I rarely eat sushi anymore, the Wife just doesn't like it (reminds her of cutting salmon in Alaska). But my "comfort food" sushi is a salmon skin (yes, cooked) hand roll with scallion. Kind of like a seafood BLT, but completely different.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/22 14:02:01
Spicy tuna, with the rice on the outside of the nori. Cucumber and tuna in the middle, chili oil drizzled all over. Wasabi on the side. And lots of cold beverages, you'll need them.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/22 14:08:35
i usually stick with the maki rolls, but i love those fried
tofu pockets filled with seaweed
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/22 14:43:30
My favorite rolls in restaurants tend to be variations on a theme of eel, avacado, and tempura shrimp. Harder to make at home, I'd imagine. I also enjoy spicy tuna rolls. For nigiri (big block of fish on rice), salmon's probably my favorite.

Dan B,
beginning to salivate.
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/22 20:35:10
Uni (sea urchin) with a raw quail egg yolk on top. A pair of those and some hamachi, and whatever else Chef Ronnie wants to make for us......back in Anchorage of course. For sashimi, we introduced MomZ to raw tuna, salmon and eel. At first it was YUCK.....she's from Iowa. So we also ordered some tempura shrimp for her. She loved the raw tuna but (thankfully) would not eat one of my uni!

We eat all sushi and all sashimi and love both.
Junior Burger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/23 23:31:44
I always like to start off anything sushi with a salmon sashimi. A bit of scallion over/under doesn't hurt either.

I prefer my eel in rolls, mostly with avocado and roe. This brings me to salmon roe, which is also why I enjoy california rolls. It's been forever since I've had uni, and I've never had a clam sushi... I think I'd just have that on the half shell anyhow!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/24 23:42:47
Mackerel. Mmmmmm. And salmon skin.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/27 09:37:19
I think of sushi as a restaurant food. I used to make it at home but haven't in ten or so years. I eat it a couple of times a month but generally go to a place where I know the chefs, sit at the bar and bs w/ the chefs.
Junior Burger
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/29 16:47:46
We have been very lucky in my area lately. A brand new Japanese steakhouse opened about 6 months ago and a new sushi place opened in the food court at the mall just last week(had an ocean roll there today).

Now i can finally get fresh sushi and rolls made in front of me instead of the ones made throughout the day, packacked and place in a cooler at the local Wegman's. Not that th Wegman's was bad just nice to see your food made when you order.

I haven't found something i haven't liked yet.
RE: Sushi combinations 2006/09/29 17:27:35
I love scallop sashimi, chopped scallop roll, maguro tuna maki, bakudan rolls which are tempura crumbs, tuna, chili sauce and green onion and uni nigiri sushi. I actually like it all- these are favorites though.