Virginia BBQ

carlton pierre
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2010/02/17 21:33:58
Outside of Buz & Ned's in Richmond  I haven't found much discussion of BBQ in VA.  Anyway, I found a really good joint in Hampton Roads area today.  On George washington Hwy ( US 17, I think) south of Yorktown and just north of Newport News, the Grafton area, I had lunch at Smokin' Joes BBQ.  Great little place.  Full line of ribs, chicken and pulled pork, as well as great sides 9 I had fried okra and beans, and the standard banana pudding and pecan pie.  I had a 1/2 lb sandwich with my choice of 7 different sauces and the Q had just come off the grill and was great.  I'd highly recommend.  Seems like I saw where they may have a few other locations in the area.
seafarer john
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Re:Virginia BBQ 2010/02/19 11:02:05
While BBQ purists would say the stuff aint really BBQ, we like the Houndstooth Cafe's pulled pork sandwich. Houndstooth is located on 301 in Hanover, Va. A pair of butts are cooked every night in an electric BBQ machine - the chef says, all he does is put the butts in the machine and they take care of themselves. The pork is mildly smoky , moist and tender and is served without sauce. A mild sauce similar to what you might find in Lexington is on the table. 

Houndstooth is a small cafe serving a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, and light meals - they are locally famous for their delicious desserts.  I had a "raspberry fool" there when we passed through a few days ago that was just wonderful.

Cheers, John  

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Re:Virginia BBQ 2010/02/21 18:47:54
Oh, if you are near Newport News, you are certainly close enough to sample the greatness that is Pierce's Pitt Barbecue in Williamsburg. They are great. One of the best barbecues outside of N.C. & Memphis I've ever had. They are on a service road just off I-64 in Williamsburg.

Pierce's uses Hickory & oak wood, not gas or electricity, which is important to a lot of purists. If you're not a purist what it means is that when you pull into the parking lot, you need to 'roll' your car window down and become intoxicated by the aroma.

They cook Boston butts, not whole hog. They also use what's called a 'light chop'. That means they pull the meat apart, then just give it a few whacks with a cleaver, as opposed to really going at it the way they do in eastern N.C. The result is that you end up with some 'strings' of barbecue, and some chopped. My favorite is all pulled pork, but this is very good, too.

Anyway, take the time to visit Pierce's, they are a really good 'ole time' barbecue joint, even though they do more than just barbecue.

Junior Burger
Re:Virginia BBQ 2010/02/21 18:53:09
If you ever venture to southwest Va, stop at Due South BBQ in Christiansburg, deep in the heart of Va Tech Hokie territory. The folks are from western S.C. and they do a great job of pulled pork barbecue. They provide you with a choice of about five different sauces. The SC mustard based, an eastern NC vinegar based, a western NC tomato based with molasses, a tomato based with honey, and a Memphis style with some heat in it.

The pork is good, has just enough 'bark' included, and has a nice smoky flavor.