Barberton chicken

Junior Burger
2004/01/10 19:25:55
Barberton (Ohio) chicken is the best fried chicken I have ever had! Anyone else here ever had the pleasure?
RE: Barberton chicken 2004/06/20 16:59:33
Though I'm not originally from the Ohio, my husband is, and he just LOVES Barberton chicken. His favorite place is Hopakong. Loves their hot sauce. I really don't get it, but he grew up going over there on Sunday's having it, so I guess that's why. I can take it or leave it.
RE: Barberton chicken 2004/06/20 17:56:24
What is it?
RE: Barberton chicken 2004/06/20 20:04:18
Well, it's a fried chicken, and from what I recall, it's always fresh, never frozen, has some special coating, cooked so it's moist on the inside. It's always served with what they call hot sauce. It's rice with some tomato sauce and spices, and every restaurant has their own special recipe they use for it. The french fries are the best, must be fried along with the chicken or in the same oil because they have a great flavor. There's a half a dozen or so places that serve this.
RE: Barberton chicken 2004/07/06 23:56:50
For a great story about the history of Barberton Chicken, click on the link below:

I have always been a fan of Belgrade Gardens, and it's a true road food find, located at the I-77 and Rt 241 Massillon Road interchange one exit north of Akron-Canton airport.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Barberton chicken 2006/10/16 14:36:42
I was able to try Barberton chicken one time and that was at Hopocan Gardens.

The chicken was light and very tasty...a nice different spin on fried chicken. Unfortunately, we did not like the other things on the menu we tried.

Since I live relatively close to NE Ohio, I would love go try some of the other places that offer Barberton chicken. Any recommendations?
RE: Barberton chicken 2006/10/17 14:29:40
Anyone have a copycat recipe, sounds yummy!