Playa del Carmen

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2010/02/18 04:37:09

I'm headed that way the end of this month. I've already tried Pleasure Principle & The One in Cancun, but I'm on a budget this time and willing to go for something cheaper. I'll be in Playa for most of the week and am looking for current info. If I dont find anything cheap, what do you know about a Chilly Willys just south of Playa?

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Re:Playa del Carmen 2010/02/18 20:10:36
I think you have the wrong forum for this question.  You need a general forum for Playa del Carmen.  Try some of the following: playa info, in the roo, or trip advisor's playa del carmen board.  Just google the site name for the forum.

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Re:Playa del Carmen 2010/02/19 17:53:11
This should be asked in the Where to Eat Forum. You'll get a better response. Also use the search tab on here and enter Playa del Carmen. I just entered playa del carmen and got 5 other Threads besides the 2 you have up. Knock yourself out!
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Re:Playa del Carmen 2010/02/19 21:34:47
Here is my post from another thread....

I've had quite a few meals at El Fagon and it is without a doubt the best place to eat in PDC. Brush up on your Spanish cause they didn't speak English when I was there. The Aranchera Beef was my favorite also but everything on the menu is good. I love the way they grill whole spanish green onions.
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Re:Playa del Carmen 2010/02/20 17:29:36
The original poster is not looking for food recommendations. The places noted in Cancun are an escort service and a strip bar.  Chilly Willys is a similar place.
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Re:Playa del Carmen 2010/02/20 18:34:55
Denny- Will you be taking your kids to the Pleasure Principle and Chilly Willy's or just your Mom again?