Pennington Market

seafarer john
Filet Mignon
2010/02/20 16:31:03
We stopped at the Pennington Market ( Rt 31, Pennington ,NJ) to get my annual supply of scrapple, and were surprised and pleased  to note that it has been seriously upgraded. It has always served an moderately upscale clientele, but the store itself  was always a bit grundgy. It has been cleaned up with improved lighting and a lot of added services and products - it's still pretty crowded with narrow isles, etc.  After loading up with scrapple, pork roll, and Hatfield bacon, we noticed a small corner with tables and chairs and an offering of a half dozen soups, pre-packaged or made to order sandwiches, a coffee bar, etc. We had two excellent soups and a piled high thin sliced rare roast beef sandwich on a very nice roll, some hot chocolate and a cookie - all for about $15. This place aint Wegmans, but it is a good approximation when no Wegman's is available.

Cheers, John