BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer

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2010/02/21 15:23:38
One of my favorite appetizers at Rendezvous in Memphis is the smoked sausage and cheese tray. At another BBQ restaurant the tray included bite sized bologna chunks which were perfect for dipping. Recently I was asked to bring a dish to a group BBQ meal so I brought my favorite appetizer tray that includes, smoked sausage, smoked and grilled beef bologna, cheese cubes, pepperocinis and bread & butter pickles.
Everyone went crazy for these chunks of smoked bologna dipped in my homemade BBQ sauce, so simple yet so full of flavor! Nobody had ever heard of eating bologna as an appetizer.  I would like to see more BBQ restaurants add this to the menu. Outside of the South I have not seen smoked bologna on many menus, is this popular anywhere else?
Smoked Bolo:
  • 3 pound beef bolo chub (unsliced)
  • Remove casing/outer wrap
  • Smoke at 225 for 4 hours with hickory chunks
  • Cut 3/4 inch slices and char over hot grill
  • Cube and toss with BBQ rub
  • Serve with your favorite sauce! 
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/02/21 18:40:19
Not Spam, BOLOGNA.
Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 10:40:41
wow that brings back memories. my famiy was poor growing up. SO instead of a big turkey for christmas they would bbq a big log of bologna.
Captain Morgan
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 10:46:54
I smoke bologna all the a 
sandwich with chopped onions and
banana peppers with mayo/mustard.
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 10:57:24
I'm going to do this on my Weber. It really sounds good. Spam probably would be good this way too!
Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 11:30:11
For the Super Bowl I smoked a small ring bologna for a snack.

I tried Spam earlier this year and while it tasted good it was also very salty.

Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 11:55:52
It's on my BBQ menu as a sandwich, quite popular!
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 14:08:38
Unknown in Milwaukee, I look forward to a BBQ bologna sandwich topped with hot sauce and cole slaw as soon as we hit Memphis.
btw, why was Gumbo's post nailed with a spam tag. Can't that be removed?
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 14:49:36
Smoke one of those things, slice it thick and fry a slice to go on a hamburger bun with cheese and dark mustard -- and some people swear by sliced onions and bread and butter pickles on there, too.
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/07 16:01:03
Hi Gumbo I have never heard of smoking the bolo but where I am from (southwestern PA) we would fry bologna or aka jumbo real crisp and put it on white bread with mayo and bread and butter pickles.  That sounds like a great  party platter and as you said everyone always eats it up!
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Re:BBQ Smoked Bologna - Appetizer 2010/03/09 09:31:04
Here a dinner 'combo' plate from Latham's BBQ in Jackson, TN. In addition to Ribs, Pulled Pork, Rib Tips in Sauce, Slaw, Chicken and other goodies you will see a thick slice of Barbecued Bologna. It shows up on many BBQ menus in Kentucky and Tennessee.  Not my first choice, for sure, but an interesting regional addition !

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