I cheated at wings, but...

2010/02/22 11:35:10
Ok, so here' what happened: it was the day before the Superbowl. I knew I wanted to make wings, but there was a glitch, I had a concert scheduled for that Sunday (of course, in the end, everything was snowed out anyways - but I'm getting ahead of myself) - where was I? oh yes, I wanted to make my famous wings but didn't have the time since I had a concert scheduled for 3pm. So, I...um, well, I'll say it, I bought Tysons Buffalo Wings.
To make myself feel less like a poser, I still made my sauce consisting of the three basics: Franks Red Hot, Butter, tobasco.
Well, the wings were a nice size. Big and meaty. I chose to bake them per the directions and found I needed to bake them longer and then give 'em a quick broil.
They are pre-sauced and theoretically need no additional sauce. But, after cooking there wasn't much sauce left (can't imagine there'd be any left if deep fried) But the sauce had gotten inside the meat, and it is hot and pretty close to the right flavor. Luckily I had prepared my own sauce and it was, overal,l hotter than I usually make, but quite good.
The big "however" is, I thought I was saving time, but ended up cooking them for almost as long as usual and still made my own sauce. For the price tag, it wasn't worth it. I should've bought fresh and waited for halftime to eat.
I bought two bags, expecting company, but the weather fouled that up too. So, I made only 1 bag then, and then was forced to cheat once again yesterday, while watching Olympic hockey.
I don't know how to feel about the fact that they came out great and tasted spot on "buffalo." (with the addition of my sauce, of course) I guess there really is a time and a place for cheating, er um, shortcuts.
Do I lose my Upstate NY card for that?
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Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/22 13:08:31
we forgive you
have had them before & they're actually better than some I've had out west.
Russ Jackson
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Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/22 13:22:26
Did you tell us this because you are feeling guilty and need forgivness? If so that will be Four Hail Mary's and 5 Our Father's. Please try not to do this again...Russ
Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/22 13:42:59
well, that, yes. Thank you Father.  And a sneaky way to say that Tysons works in a pinch, with a little extra work.

...the prayers didn't make me feel that much better, though. I think I may have to repent even more this weekend by cooking up some Sahlens hotdogs. That should right me with Buffalo. Then, for turning my back on Hofmann's, I'll make up for that by boiling up some salt potatoes and baking some Grandma Browns baked beans to right things with my hometown (Syracuse). That should do it.

phew, that's a lot of work for a couple of bags of Tysons chicken.

Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/22 15:00:26
Score, I think that was neat. You never know when you might need a fast shortcut way to fix things and still have them come out good. I will probably try that myself at some point.
Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/22 15:39:53
Joe: if you bake them, as I did , be sure to broil them to crisp them up at the end. In addition, because their sauce has some kick already, use only Franks Red Hot and Butter - no extra heat from tobasco is needed. Unless you want extra hot - which oddly enough was still tasty. That was really my only mistake. I didnt realize that the heat from each would multiply the heat. In fact, I think they use a hefty dose of tobasco (or other such cayenne/vinegar sauce) as their sauce. It really does need the tang from Franks, though.

Also, and this is just me and my own silly preferences, I find Marie's blue cheese dressing to be the best complimenting dressing. A good quality blue cheese dressing is important - something a bunch of places here don't seem to realize. Much of my family does Kraft Roquefort Blue Cheese, but years ago my (now) father-in-law got me on the Marie's kick. I've been a fan ever since.

Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/22 18:20:31
Thanks for tha tips Score! Crisped up sounds good. Extra hot is fine for me but not for some in my family so I will leave off tha Tabasco. I usually put half a stick of butter for 2 cups of Franks. Does that sound about right?

Oh, I am also a fan of Marie's blue cheese dressing.
Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/23 09:15:53
I generally use one stick of butter per 20oz bottle of Franks - so that's almost double the butter. Maybe meet in the middle and go 3/4 stick on 2 cups sauce? But, it's all about your own taste. 

Aside from a modest amount of creaminess, it's the butter that aids the sauce in sticking to the wings. So our family found the stick/20oz to be a good mix. We let it melt very slowly. I put the Franks in a small sauce pan, put the cold stick in it and put the pan on the burner over the oven exhaust. The butter melts so slow, the sauce can take it in and its all melted before the wings come out. With the Tysons, I set the burner to low because of the shorter cooking time. Then a good whisk.

Usually 1/2 (medium) to 1oz (hot) tobasco for extra heat. All this for five pounds of wings.

With the Tysons I used 1/2 oz and that made them hot.

I'm with you on the heat. I actually liked the bumped up heat, my wife couldn't take it - but enjoyed the flavor. I loved that she pushed through the heat to enojy the wings - but ultimately couldn't eat more than three in any one siting.

Re:I cheated at wings, but... 2010/02/23 12:31:31
Ok Score... more butter. Who was that who said you can't have too much butter???

My grandson brought me an order of 6 wings that he had to sign something to order. I felt bad that I could only eat three. :~)